Thursday, April 29, 2010

Smoking red crate and Sint-Baaes Plein

I somehow missed Wednesday. The days are moving by in a chaotic pattern. I am not jet lagged, but I have no idea where I am. The coffins were removed from their carrying bags today and were in shambles. A kind man named Danny that works on Vooruit’s facilities team is repairing them. They will be finished (better than new) on Monday. They still have to make it to Poland and then back to San Francisco, so he has taken the liberty to redesign the lids to insure that they survive. He also gave me detailed recommendations on where to get the best chocolate. I got lucky. Done exploring the city. Gent possesses no sage. Learned a new Dutch word: “wierook.” It means “incense.” Traveled to a priest supply store and purchased tiny catholic charcoal briquettes and oil incense in a pellet like form. It looks like the rocks one would use in their fish tank. Works quite well. Experimented tonight in front of the Sint-Baaes Plein. First and only Cathedral I have ever been in. Seemed like a good spot to test the wierook. Found a plastic red crate. As the coals were catching fire the crate cast a perfect incandescent glow. I think I will use it again. It has been unusually warm in Gent, it just began to rain and I am still invisible.

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