Monday, May 3, 2010

Viking Funeral and A Smoking Red Box

I said goodbye to my friend the red box tonight. I tried to give it the powerful Viking burial but it instead turned into a rather impotent flush down the toilet...sigh. It started off really well, however, gust of wind quickly blew out the flames that illuminated the inside of the box. I got a couple of good shots, but in the end my little camera wasn’t strong enough. The box quickly traveled down the Ketelvaart Cannel but then met a strong current from the opposite direction that then stalled it in the middle of the river. As it initially sped away from me I chased it down the river running down the walkways and up to the bridges trying to capture some images. Eventually I realized that people were watching from bridges and from windows. On the last bridge someone came up and asked if the box was mine and I said yes. He simply said, “It looks nice.” After that I just sat and watched it for a while. It looked quite nice to the human eye. Smoke wafting from a slightly illumined red box floating down the river. I let it go after that. If it still there in morning I’ll try to fish it out of the river.

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