Wednesday, May 5, 2010

No Man's Land

Performance Tonight, May 5th, 2010 from 19:00-Until it's done. Gent, Belgium.

In an attempt to create a truly public/private moment, San Francisco artist Lucas Murgida will be performing an action on Wednesday May 5th in a forgotten piece of land in between the old part of Gent and Dampoort. This No Man’s Land is situated on the east side of the Archterdok waterway between Dok-Zuid and the river, just north of the Dampoort Bridge. Murgida will be burying a small coffin that traveled with him from the United States. The action will begin at 7 PM and will continue until the coffin is neatly buried and in the ground without evidence of the event.

Lucas Murgida’s work is generally regarded as generous, challenging, difficult to look at and at the same time impossible to ignore. For more information about him please go to his website: To learn about his adventures in Gent visit his blog: And, to see a video highlighting another action he completed related to this event watch this video:

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